Balos Lagoοn

A dreamy, heavenly beach with bright blue & turquoise waters that will make you feel like you're in paradise

   Balos Lagoon is located in the southwest prefecture of Chania, near Kissamos, 55km from the city of Chania and 17km from Kissamos. The beach of Balos has a wonderful pink shaded sand due to the thousands of broken seashells and bright blue & turquoise waters. Its waters are warm with intense bright blue and turquoise colors making up a fine scenery of exceptional natural beauty. The easies access to Balos is with a boat that you can take from Kissamos bay and other parts of the prefecture that make daily excursions. If you wish to drive there, you should know that that longest part of the road is a hard to reach trail with its last mile coverable only on foot. However, in that way you can admire the wonderful landscape during the journey.


*Bike only available for rent due to accessibility issues with the road

Peninsula, Gramvousa 734 00

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