An exotic beach that you should not miss while in Crete. White and pinkish sand due to thousands of broken seashells.

   Elafonisi is known for its amazing natural beauty, with its blue-green waters embraced by sand in pink and coral shades. For this magnificent color, known across Crete, they are responsible the thousands of broken seashells and especially the tiny crustaceans. After completing their life cycle they leave behind their reddish shells which are being crushed into sand during the years, making up this amazing colorful scenery. Its location is in the southwestern corner of Crete, 73km from the city of Chania and 40km from Kissamos. Upon your arrival, you will quickly get a sense of wildlife and adventure without this meaning that you will be alone. Especially in August, Elafonisi is a top destination for countless tourists that are eager in witnessing the landscape’s beauty. If you’re looking for a more peaceful and quieter spot, you can leave the central beach behind you and go towards the beautiful island filled with sand dunes and rich biodiversity.


*Only for 125cc Scooters due to its longer distance from Kissamos.

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